Scott Beach

Raised in Scotland, Scott has been immersed in Celtic music from birth, and was trained on the bagpipes at the age of 10 years old, spurred on by his grandfather who was one of the few Scots left in Scotland who wore the kilt everyday throughout his entire life.

Scots-Irish bagpiper, Colorado Bagpiper - Scott Beach, is a full time professional Celtic musician with over 20 years of performance experience.

  • Scott offers a choice of both Irish and Scottish kilt tartans for his performances.
  • Performing on a full sterling silver hand engraved set of bagpipes, as well as on the small pipes (an instrument which is a great choice for smaller rooms, chapels, or banquets and can be performed along with fiddle, harp, etc.)
  • Performed solo for British Royalty in the UK.
  • Scott Beach is an official Guinness Ambassador, speaking and performing on the bagpipes for private and public Guinness Events in all of Colorado, and Las Vegas.
  • Scott has performed on stage at many of Colorado’s Biggest Festivals, including at Estes Park.
  • Performs for hundreds of Colorado special events and weddings each year, from the Broadmoor Hotel, to the Brown Palace, to Cherokee Ranch and Castle.

Scott Beach has the knowledge and experience to help to make your special occasion a unique and cherished day.

303-988-5448, 303-521-8346 cell.

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